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Taking/Using Notes

“Taking copious notes, revisiting these notes, and highlighting them for future use helps inform future interactions with teachers and helps me know whether change is occurring. I cycle back to my notes to let the teachers know their voices matter and that I am following up on their self-initiated areas for change.”
Cheryl Dozier, Responsive Literacy Coaching

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As seen throughout this module, effective coaches take and keep effective notes. They record information from the pre- and post- lesson sessions. They take copious notes during the lesson to be able to provide “another set of eyes and ears” to the teacher. The coaches in this module take their notes in various ways, some handwritten, some digitally, and store them in various formats, as they show and describe in the clips below. (No Points to Consider are provided for this Section.)


What are effective ways to take and store coaching notes?
How are the notes used?

Supporting Document: Coaching Notes Samples


Teresa Carter and Emmy Evans

Coaching Notes 5; Transcript
Terasa Carter and Emmy Evans