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Roles of Listening

“When you listen actively to the teacher and ask genuine questions to explore her thinking, you can meet her where she is and build on her knowledge.” – Fountas and Pinnell
“Committed listening transforms relationships and deepens learning.” – Dennis Sparks

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What role does listening play in coaching?

Coaches listen carefully in order to build a trusting and purposeful relationship with teachers. They communicate that they understand the importance of the teacher’s perspective and concerns. Moreover, without careful listening, they can’t do their job. They listen in order to:

  • “Gain clarity about an issue;
  • Understand the needs, perceptions, and emotions of the speaker;
  • Gather data for feedback;
  • Allow the speaker to refine thinking by speaking to an attentive listener;
  • Seek patterns of behavior; and
  • Lay a path for building response and solutions.” (Kee, K. et al., 2010)

South Carolina coaches explain the importance of active listening in the clip below.


Listening title terea tina

Role of Listening; Transcript
Teresa Carter, Derek Johnson, Barbara
Fewell, Kim Floyd