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“Your goal in the coaching conversation is to bring your experience and knowledge together with the teacher’s experience and knowledge, using language that opens conversation and facilitates inquiry.”
–Fountas and Pinnell

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The language we use in coaching communicates more than information; it expresses our stance towards our colleagues and our expectations of them. Fountas and Pinnell (2009) offer a set of principles to guide coaches in considering our language. Use the Principles of Coaching Language Chart to record your observations about the language used in the following clips. You may want to download the transcripts after viewing to more closely examine the language used. Lesson excerpts are included below to situate the coaching conversations.

How do we use language that facilitates our goals in coaching?

Supporting Document: Principles of Coaching Language Chart

Coaching Language 1


Coaching Language 2

Teresa Carter

Lesson Excerpts 1; Transcript
Debriefing; Transcript
Jamie White and Kathryn Murr

Coaching Language 3

Listening Techniques 4, Derek Johnson, Amanda Bolt

Pre-Lesson; Transcript
Teresa Carter and Tina Nabors