Reading Process Classroom Environment Instructional Decision Making Sample Lessons by Level

Level 17 Sample Lesson – Day 2

Levels 17 – 20: Day 2 Supporting Documents: 


Lesson Segment
(Video Clip)
General Purpose
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Teacher Commentary
(Video Clip)
Familiar Rereading 





Running Record





Teaching Point (2:30)

Develop fluency
Practice strategies independently  




Assess student strengths and needs




Teach or reinforce a problem-solving strategy students can use while reading the current and future texts

Each child reads a previously-read book independently 


Teacher takes a running record on one child’s reading (rotate child each lesson)


Based on the running record, teacher chooses the strategy to teach or reinforce, refers to what the child did in the text and how the strategy applies, and may give the child opportunities in the text for additional practice

Review the running record and the text excerpts of Animal Messages. Notice the child’s reading behaviors as he reads. What is accomplished with the teaching points? Running Record and Teaching Point (1:58)
Shared Writing: Rehearsing to Write (3:43) Practice and support composing writing for a variety of purposes, including narrative, informative or opinion pieces In this lesson’s informative writing, students read to find information relevant to the topic; talk to one another to share their information and rehearse their writing; with the teacher’s support, compose well-constructed sentences to relay their information; compose a concluding sentence; and reread the entire composition together. What purpose does this segment serve?
See Student Questions and Responses and text excerpts as you view the lesson clip.
Shared Writing: Composing (5:56) Note the language the teacher uses to support students in composing the writing. What thinking and behaviors for composing is she reinforcing?
(See completed shared writing in Supporting documents)
Supporting Student Composing (3:01)
Shared Writing: Concluding the Writing (2:16) What is accomplished in this segment?  
Word Work (3:10)     How does this word work help the students to be more independent in reading and in writing? Word Work (1:32)
Complete Lesson (19:32)