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“Use Pictures to Understand”

Sample Lesson
Independent Reading Kindergarten

Using Pictures Supporting Documents:


Lesson Segment
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Segment Focus
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes)
Teacher Commentary
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Introduction to the students and IR sessions Why do you think Ms. DuBose stresses that all children need to view themselves as readers, regardless of their proficiency level? Before the Lesson: Part 1 – Introduction (2:52)
Time and structure of Independent Reading How does the teacher incorporate Independent Reading into her daily schedule? How does she structure her time in IR? Before the Lesson: Part 2 – Time and Structure (2:18)
Part 1 – Engage and Model (5:02) The teacher reviews goals and strategies already established for IR, adds a new strategy, and shows children how it works How did the activities in this segment prepare students to be engaged and strategic readers when they go off to read on their own?  Mini-Lesson: Part 1 – Engage and Model(3:41)
Part 2 Guide (5:09) The teacher has the children turn and talk and share their use of the strategy as she shows pages of the book What is the purpose of the Turn and Talk? MiniLesson: Part 2 Guide (1:22)
Part Independence
Practice (2:50)
The teacher instructs the children to look at the pictures on their own and use the strategy to predict what the words say Why does the teacher include this last segment of the minilesson? 
Part 4  Transition to Independent Reading (3:20) The teacher reviews basic guidelines for IR and signals routines for transition to IR How do the activities in this segment prepare the students to be successful in IR? Transition to Independent Reading
Independent Reading
Conference 1(3:44) Teacher confers with individual students while they are independently reading Conference 1 (3:17)
Conference 2 (2:26) Conference 2 (2:12)
Conference 3 (3:36) Conference 3 (1:21)
Conference 4 (3:14) Conference 4 (2:54)
Conference 5 and Transition to Sharing (3:16) Conference 5 and Transition to Sharing (1:26)
Sharing and Closure
Sharing 1 (3:29) Students share selections from their reading and strategies they used with the class; students respond to the person sharing Sharing 1 (2:18)
Sharing 2 (4:56)
Sharing 3 and Closing (3:27) Teacher closes the lesson by shading in the Stamina Tree and reviewing the lesson focus Sharing 3 and Closing (1:39)