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Suggested Readings: Assessment Section

Articles from The Reading Teacher are accessible online with a subscription to the journal.
* denotes books that are referenced in Suggested Readings for several sections.


Schwartz, Robert M. Decisions, Decisions: Responding to Primary Students During Guided Reading. The Reading Teacher, Feb. 2005, p. 436-443


Although written about Guided Reading, the author’s discussion of effective prompts and teaching points is equally applicable to using running records in conferring during IR.
Chapter 8: Assessment – Finding Out What Each Struggling Reader Needs (pp. 153 – 170) Johnson, Pat (2006). One Child at a Time: Making the Most of Your Time with Struggling Readers, K-6. Portland, ME: Stenhouse This chapter gives a straight-forward explanation of what running records are, how to take and analyze them, and excellent tips on using them.
Section 1: We Can’t Nurture Intrinsic Reading Motivation Using Rewards/Punishment, and pp. 13 – 19 of Section 2. *Marinak, Barbara A., & Gambrell, Linda B. (2016). No More Reading for Junk: Best Practices for Motivating Readers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Argument for limiting extrinsic rewards, based on both personal experiences and research.
From Section 3: “Monitor IR,” “Differentiate instruction and create accountability through conferring”, and “Invite students to reflect on and share their learning” – pp. 58-69 *Miller, Debbie, & Moss, Barbara. (2013). No More Independent Reading Without Support. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Helpful advice about monitoring, conferring, and sharing as means of accountability and assessment.
From Chapter 2: Structures and Routines (pp. 31-34)


From Chapter 5: Assessing Reading Growth (pp. 141-146, 150-156)

*Reading with Power and Passion: Resources to Support Independent Reading.
https://www.weteachnyc.org/resources/collection/independent-reading/. Download “Independent Reading Collection” and the book will be included.
Discussion of reading logs and other reading responses, with examples and references to blank forms in the Appendix.


Independent Reading Module. https://readingrecovery.clemson.edu/home/k-2-literacy-resources/