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“Make a Plan to Stay Engaged”

Sample Lesson
Independent Reading Kindergarten

Make a Plan to Stay Engaged Supporting Documents:


Lesson Segment
(Video Clip)
Segment Focus
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes)
Teacher Commentary
(Video Clip)
Student growth from previously videotaped lesson (December to March) What questions do you have based on the information provided by the teacher? What might you watch for as you view the clips of the lesson? Before the Lesson (1:21)
Part 1 – Engage and Model Plan 1 (6:08) The teacher explains why she will focus on making a plan to stay engaged, and models sorting books into “just right” and “look” books. How do you think the mini-lesson will help the children to stay engaged with their Independent Reading? Mini-Lesson: Part 1 (2:22)
Part 2 – Model Plan 2 and Prepare for Independence (5:20) The teacher models Plan 2, allows children time to ask questions, and utilizes familiar routines to send them off to read.
Independent Reading
Conference 1 (3:34) Teacher confers with individual students while they are independently reading How does the teacher reinforce the focus of the mini-lesson in her conferences?

How does she support the children’s developing strategies?

Conference 2 (4:12) Conference 2 (1:06)
Sharing and Closure
Sharing (4:34) Students share selections from their reading and strategies they used with the class; students respond to the person sharing What are your observations about the sharing? Sharing (2:16)
 The teacher shares her reflections about the lesson Reflection and Next Steps (1:56)