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“Book Frenzy”

Sample Lesson
Independent Reading Grade 2

Book Frenzy We can motivate children to read by introducing them to new books in interesting ways. In this procedural lesson, Ms. Long teaches the children to preview books through an adaptation of games like hot potato or musical chairs – with books. After the lesson, the children will engage in their regular Independent Reading session, with books chosen from the Book Frenzy as new reading options.

Supporting Documents:

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Lesson Segment
(Video Clip)
Segment Focus
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes)
Mini-Lesson (4:14) Teacher explains the purpose and procedures of a Book Frenzy, and models previewing a book How does the mini-lesson set the students up to be successful in doing the Book Frenzy?
Guided Practice
Practice 1 (3:39) Students participate in the Book Frenzy How do you think the students are responding to the Book Frenzy?
Practice 2 (4:08) The teacher refines the procedures and students participate in another round
Sharing and Choosing Books
Sharing and Choosing Books (3:05) Students share whether they liked their books, and then each chooses a book for their book bucket