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The Classroom Environment: Promoting Engagement and Independence

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Creating a Classroom Environment

The Classroom Environment: Materials, Spaces, and Routines

The workshop approach to teaching promotes a high level of student engagement and independence. Therefore, the classroom environment is critical. When setting up a workshop classroom it is important for teachers to consider the materials, the spaces, and the routines that need to be in place.

We believe that the best learning comes from our peers. To that end, we have put together a PowerPoint which includes photographs taken from primary classrooms in South Carolina. We invite you to take a peek into these classrooms. As you view the PowerPoint you may want to consider the questions below.

Questions to Consider as you View the Classroom Environment PowerPoint

Materials: (click on a question for an answer)

Spaces: (click on a question for an answer)

Routines: (click on a question for an answer)