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Share “The share sessions have a teaching point, and they function almost as a separate and smaller minilesson.” -Calkins

There are three primary ways teachers might share at the end of each day’s workshop:

The videos in this module show some examples of various sharing sessions. Each was filmed in a classroom in South Carolina. We invite you to watch the videos with colleagues and reflect on your own teaching. Before watching each clip, you may want to read and consider the guiding questions and possible responses listed below.

Video Segment
Purpose and Procedures
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Supporting Documents
Partner Share (Kindergarten) See Partner Share in Architecture Section How does sharing with a partner help students?
Partner Share (Grade 2)
Whole Group Share (Grade 2) See Whole Group Share in Architecture Section How does the whole group share help students?
Whole Group Share (Grade 1)
Class Meeting (Grade 1) See Class Meeting in Architecture Section How does the class meeting help students?
Class Meeting (Kindergarten)