The Clemson Virtual Professional Development Library (VPDL) for South Carolina Classroom Teachers was designed to support Professional Learning Communities (PLC). As we know, powerful learning can occur when we view teacher work and analyze it together with colleagues. For this reason, suggestions for how to lead a professional development based on each module are provided. The suggestions are broken up into preparing for the session, activities to do before working on the main portion of the session with a PLC, activities to do during the session, and activities to do following the session. These ideas are simply suggestions. We know the best ideas will come from you, the teachers in the field.

Note: Because this module is filled with so many great charts, we recommend breaking your PLC work into multiple sessions based on one genre.

Preparing for the session:

  • Read through the Charts page and examine the charts in this module.
  • View the video clip in the module.
  • Decide which section of the charts you will focus on in the session.
  • Gather materials for participants to create charts during the session. You will need: chart paper, multi-colored markers, and extra-large sticky notes.

Before the session:

  • View the video clip in the module with participants.
  • Ask participants to turn and talk about how they use charts in their teaching.
    • Do you create anchor charts for your minilessons?
    • How do charts help students?
    • How do charts promote independence?
    • How do charts promote engagement?
  • Pull up one page of charts from the module. Choose several of your favorite charts to focus on for a few minutes. Ask participants to consider both the content (teaching points) and the process (how these charts were created) of these mentor texts. Prompt participants to consider the following questions as they view the charts.
    • What teaching points can you take away from these charts to use in your future minilessons?
    • What makes these charts easy for young students to read?
    • What makes these charts helpful for students?

During the session (Make and Take):

  • Allow teachers to view all of the charts on the web page and search for a few favorites.
  • Provide teachers with materials to create their own versions of their favorite charts.
  • As teachers are working roam the room and help as needed.

After the session:

  • Ask every teacher to share their favorite chart with the group and explain why they chose to create that particular one.