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Introduction to Lesson Structure

Lesson Structure

Effective instruction often follows a progression in which teachers gradually do less of the work and students gradually assume increased responsibility for their learning. It is through this process of gradually assuming more and more responsibility for their learning that students become competent, independent learners.” -Graves and Fitzgerald, 2003

Gradual Release of Responsibility ModelThe comprehension lessons on this website are structured based on the Gradual Release of Responsibility model developed by Pearson and Gallagher (1983). As shown in the figure, instruction begins with a high level of teacher support that gradually decreases until students work independently. As well as being a model for an individual lesson, this process may take place over days, weeks, or the school year. Based on the lesson design in The Primary Comprehension Toolkit, the Sample Comprehension Lessons include the following parts:

This section explores general considerations and tips for planning and teaching each of these lesson segments.

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Supporting Document: Lesson Planning Template