Introduction to Inquiry Kindergarten Animal Unit Grade 1 Water Pollution Unit Grade 2 Weather Unit

“Synthesize Information to Draw Conclusions”

Weather Inquiry Unit- Grade 2 Sample Lesson 3
Phase of the Unit: Coalesce

Synthesize Information to Draw Conclusions PURPOSES OF THE LESSON:

  • To synthesize information learned through research;
  • To draw conclusions about big ideas of the inquiry;
  • To work collaboratively to deepen understanding.


Lesson Segment
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Segment Focus
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Teacher Commentary
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Supporting Documents
Guide (6:36) The teacher guides the students to choose 3 pieces of information that best explain the type of weather, and then to draw a conclusion about staying safe. How does the teacher scaffold the process of drawing a conclusion?








Collaborative Practice (5:53) Students work in their weather groups to synthesize their research and draw a safety conclusion What do you think about the children’s work in their groups to reach a conclusion? (See Student Work Samples) Collaborative Practice (2:59)
Share (6:46) Students from each expert group share and explain the reasons for their safety conclusions. The teacher shows video clips of each type of weather to aid in drawing conclusions. What do you notice about the teacher’s and the students’ roles during sharing? Share (3:45)
Lesson Reflection and Next Steps Teacher/colleague discussion about the lesson Lesson Reflection (3:45)