“Infer Information from Photographs”
Water Pollution Inquiry Unit- Grade 1 Sample Lesson #1
Phase of the Unit: Investigate

To infer information from photographs and raise new questions about water pollution;
To collaborate with peers to extend thinking;
To discover causes and effects of water pollution and begin to think about ways to keep water clean.


Lesson Segment
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Segment Focus
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Teacher Commentary
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Supporting Documents
Prior to the Lesson Overall structure of the unit How did students build background knowledge and motivation about the topic in the previous lessons of the inquiry? See Student Work Samples – Previous Lessons Prior to the Lesson (5:04)
Connect/Engage (2:04) Review learning about water from the previous week What purposes are served by the children sharing their previous learning?
Model and Guide (5:33) The teacher displays a large photograph of polluted water, models her thinking about it and how she records her thinking, and adds the students’ inferences and questions as well How does the teacher encourage the students’ inferences about the picture? What language do you notice?
How does this segment of the lesson prepare students to work on their own?
Collaborative Practice 1 (3:38) Children work with their partners to discuss and record their thinking about their photograph. The teacher confers with each set of partners. What do you notice about the students’ work with partners?
How does the teacher guide the students in their thinking and recording of their ideas?
Collaborative Practice 2 (2:53)
Share (6:24) Students share questions and inferences from their pictures; teacher leads a discussion and takes notes of major points What is accomplished in this sharing session?
Lesson Reflection What are your overall thoughts or questions about the lesson?
What insights did this lesson provide into the overall process of inquiry and development of an inquiry unit?