Introduction to Inquiry Kindergarten Animal Unit Grade 1 Water Pollution Unit Grade 2 Weather Unit

“Find Wow Facts from Multiple Resources”

Weather Inquiry Unit- Grade 2 Sample Lesson #1
Phase of the Unit: Immerse

Find Wow Facts from Multiple Resources PURPOSE OF THE LESSON: To initiate an inquiry unit about severe weather integrating language arts, science, and social studies by:

  • Exploring a variety of texts to discover the types of severe weather in each region of the United States;
  • Building background knowledge and engagement in the unit by identifying “wow” facts about severe weather;
  • Selecting resources appropriate to answer questions about the topic;
  • Use text features to find appropriate information.


Lesson Segment
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Segment Focus
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Teacher Commentary
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Supporting Documents
Prior to the Lesson Overall structure and goals of the unit What are your thoughts and/or questions about the integration of content areas in this inquiry? Prior to the Lesson (2:58)








Connect/Engage (3:14) Review nonfiction text features and characteristics of informational texts; being a researcher, and the meaning of “severe” weather How does the teacher set the students up to be successful in the lesson?
Model/Guide 1 (4:42) The teacher models how she would survey the resources in her basket; enlists the children in choosing resources to explore; models how to work with a video on an iPad and an e-book; and guides students to identify and record “wow” facts discovered. What behaviors or skills of researchers does the teacher demonstrate in this segment? Model/Guide 1 (4:12)
Model/Guide 2 (3:57) Why do you think the teacher chooses to weave a lot of student participation in her modeling?
Transition to Independent/Collaborative Practice (2:43) The teacher leads the children in reflecting on what they experienced in the modeling phase of the lesson Why is this reflection about the modeling important? Transition to Independent/Collaborative Practice (1:28)
Independent/Collaborative Practice 1 (4:23) Students work in their region groups to identify the types of severe weather and find wow facts Independent Practice 1 (2:42)
Independent Practice 2 (5:09) Independent Practice 2 (3:36)
Share (4:12) Students from different regions share types of severe weather and wow facts with the class; students turn and talk to share to end the lesson What is accomplished in this sharing session? Share (1:27)
Lesson Reflection and Next Steps Teacher/colleague discussion about the lesson Lesson Reflection (5:49)