Introduction to Inquiry Kindergarten Animal Unit Grade 1 Water Pollution Unit Grade 2 Weather Unit

“Culminating Projects: Self, Peer, and Teacher Assessment”

Weather Inquiry Unit- Grade 2 Sample Lesson 5
Phase of the Unit: Go Public

Culminating Projects: Self, Peer, and Teacher Assessment PURPOSES OF THE LESSON:

  • To give and receive constructive criticism in order to strengthen final products;
  • To effectively communicate through performing for an audience;
  • To self-assess final products and the process of creating them;
  • To synthesize and share new understandings about research based on the completion of the inquiry.


Lesson Segment
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Segment Focus
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Teacher Commentary
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Supporting Documents
Prior to the Lesson Purposes of the Culminating Project What do you see as the value of creating the video as the culminating project for the inquiry unit? Prior to the Lesson (3:41)









Explaining the Rubric (6:18) The teacher shares the assessment rubric for the videos with the students. What purposes does the rubric serve? (See Rubric) Explaining the Rubric (2:00)
Peer Feedback 1 (4:47) Each group practices acting out its video for the class. Students provide “greats” and “wishes” as constructive feedback. What is accomplished from the process of peer constructive criticism of the videos?
Peer Feedback 2 (1:57) Peer Feeback 2 (2:00)
Final Preparations and Filming (2:28) Each group chooses a background for its green screen, and its performance is videotaped. How does this segment reflect the teacher’s views about behavior as a literacy?
Final Presentations (4:59) The final videotapes that were shown to an audience of fourth graders, after backgrounds are added. What are your thoughts about the final presentations? (See Lesson Artifacts)
Self and Teacher Assessment (6:04) The teacher confers with each group to collaboratively evaluate their work. What is accomplished through the self/teacher evaluation? Self and Teacher Assessment (1:16)
Unit Closure and Reflection (6:05) Class sharing to wrap up learning from the unit. Unit Closure (5:08)