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“It is through guided reading, however, that teachers can show children how to read and can support children as they read. Guided reading leads to independent reading that builds the process; it is the heart of a balanced literacy program.” -Fountas & Pinnell


Lesson Segment
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General Purpose
Questions to Consider as You Watch the Lesson (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Teacher Commentary
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Before Viewing Review Book and Reader Characteristics for Levels 1-2 and the book, A Day at School, or other Level 1 books before viewing the teacher commentary. Introduction to the Lesson (2:41)
Working with Letters (2:44) Build visual memory and discrimination; build automaticity with letter recognition and formation Students use magnetic letters to sort or match letters by upper/lower case, color, sound, or other attributes, or match to an alphabet chart. Also review letter formation. What procedures are used in this letter-matching activity? What goals do these procedures support? Working with Letters (1:53)