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“It is not easy to confer with people-grownups or children-for little bits of time, and yet to have those interactions alter the person’s perspectives and work forever more. But this is what we are called to do when we confer.”Calkins, Hartman, and White






The videos in this module highlight the architecture of a writing conference. They were filmed in classrooms in South Carolina. We invite you to watch the videos with colleagues and reflect on your own teaching. Before watching each clip, you may want to read and consider the guiding questions and possible responses linked to each segment.

Decide/Compliment (Grade 2)See Decide/Compliment in Architecture SectionWhat two important decisions must the teacher make at the onset of a conference?
Why is the compliment important?
Why is the compliment portion of a conference sometimes called noticing and naming?

Video Segment
Purpose and Procedures
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Supporting Documents
Research (Kindergarten) See Research in Architecture Section What is the purpose of the research segment of the conference?
How can teachers research or assess student’s writing in a conference?
Teach (Grade 2) See Teach in Architecture Section Why is it important to focus on teaching the child only one thing in a conference?
What are some important elements of the teaching portion of a conference?
What materials are helpful for the teacher to have on hand during a conference?
Link (Kindergarten) See Link in Architecture Section What is the purpose of the link in conference?
Small Group (Grade 2)
Individual 1 (Grade 2)
Individual 2 (Grade 2)