Summer Institute 2017

Clemson University Reading Recovery® and Early Literacy Training Center for South Carolina

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Summer Institute2017 Speakers

Summer Institute Highlights

Jen Serravallo:

Opening Keynote: Reading Strategies for Goal-Directed Instruction

As students work toward reading goals, they can benefit from strategy instruction that helps to unpack and break down the invisible, automatic work of reading into series of actionable steps. In this session, you’ll learn about the importance of focusing your differentiated instruction in individual goals based on formative assessment information. Then, you’ll learn how to craft your own strategies and prompts to support readers’ ongoing practice. Jen will also explain how to know when to teach which strategies to whom, how strategies align to levels of complexity, and how to tier practice of strategies over time to support readers toward skilled practice.

Breakout: Writing Strategies to Support Process, Skills, and Qualities of Good Writing

In this session, participants will learn about Jen Serravallo’s Hierarchy of Goals for writing instruction — goals that include habits and processes, skills, and qualities of good writing. You’ll learn how to assess student writing to determine the best goal for each student, and how to craft strategies to support students with goals. Through video and explanation, Jen will teach you how to conduct goal-setting conferences with students so that students have a say in what they practice, and what follow-up instruction can look like over time as you differentiate for the students in your class, providing them with feedback and support.

Closing Keynote: Conferring with Partnerships and Clubs

How do we help students collaborate during reading and writing time…while also boosting important skills? Time that students spend in collaborative groups can be some of the most powerful time of your literacy block if you teach children how to be productive, talk to deepen comprehension skills, work together to improve qualities of good writing, and practice speaking and listening. Join Jen for this lively one-hour webinar where she’ll share practical tips for helping partnerships and clubs thrive in your reading and writing workshops.

Maryann McBride:

Early Bird: Read all about it

This session will explore what is taught and supported by each level in a leveled text set.  Using and understanding of this will assist teachers with moving children up the levels.

Reading Recovery session: Getting Off to a Power Start

This session will explore concepts of roaming that have been shown to increase the likelihood of success.  Finding and using three levels of text will be demonstrated as well as the role writing and invented spelling can play in assisting children to learn to look at print.

Lisa Eickholdt:

Powerful Writing Moves

There are many things we can teach our students about good writing, but what will make the most impact? In this session, we will examine specific writing techniques that will significantly improve student’s writing. Participants will leave with concrete ideas they can put into place immediately to improve the quality of their student’s writing swiftly and in meaningful ways.

Barbara Schubert:

Title: I Used to Think but Now I Think…Rethinking Interventions

Examine alternative forms of intervention when tried approaches, implemented effectively, have not produced desired outcomes.  Explore options, rationales, and duration to develop student achievement and expand possibilities for those who struggle.

Renee Anders:

Fluency: More than Reading Fast