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Level 11 Sample Lesson – Day 2

Levels 10 – 12: Day 2 Supporting Documents:

Lesson Segment
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General Purpose
Questions to Consider While Viewing (Links to Facilitator Notes for PLC)
Teacher Commentary
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Before Viewing Review the text of Ten Little Bears and the child’s running record before viewing the lesson segment clip below.
Familiar Rereading

Running Record Excerpts (3:30)

Develop fluency
Practice strategies independently

Assess student strengths and needs

Each child reads a previously-read book independently

Teacher takes a running record on one child’s reading (rotate child each lesson)

What do you learn about the child’s strengths and needs from the running record? What teaching point might you choose?
Running Record Teaching Point (2:09) Teach or reinforce a problem-solving strategy students can use while reading the current and future texts. Based on the running record, teacher chooses the strategy to teach or reinforce, refers to what the child did in the text and how the strategy applies, and may give the child opportunities in the text for additional practice. Note some of the teacher’s language and teaching moves in her teaching point. Why does she use these approaches?
Running Record Teaching Point (3:06)
Guided Writing: Constructing Writing (3:43) Practice and support behaviors used while writing; maximize reading/writing reciprocity Students write a story related to the text, incorporating elements needing reinforcement (e.g., high frequency words, hearing sounds in words). Stories may be co- created or individually generated by each child. Teacher prompts to each child’s needs. How does the teacher support the children to create their own stories?
Choosing and Initiating Writing (1:51)
Guided Writing: Supporting Student Writing 1 (2:32) Note the language the teacher uses to support students with their writing. What strategies and skills is she reinforcing?
Guided Writing: Supporting Student Writing 2 (4:08) Continue to note the prompts the teacher uses and the skills and strategies she is working to support.
Supporting Student Writing (3:42)
Guided Writing: Revisiting the Stories (4:18) What is accomplished with this segment of the lesson? Revisiting Student Writing (4:16)
Complete Lesson (23:48)